End of year office clean ups

With the festive season only 8 weeks away, it is easy enough to be swept up in Christmas parties, holiday breaks and department store sales. It is important, though, to take a moment to reflect on your office space and how you would like to leave it over this end of year period.

Just because you and your workplace might be taking a break over December and January, it is unwise to assume your sensitive and confidential documents will be safe and secure in your absence. Remember: identity thieves bank on the fact that you won’t be around to maintain your usual diligence when it comes to safe document disposal.

Be proactive this silly season by pre-empting anything that could pose a potential threat to your business. As you begin to wind down towards the break, impose an office clean up.

Practicing regular disposal of your documents is one way in which to safeguard your workplace against opportunistic criminals and identity thieves. Not only will you be reassured that your documents are being disposed of correctly, you and your employees can look forward to returning to an uncluttered and streamlined workspace.

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