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Secure Document Destruction Perth

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Your privacy matters! Local experts in secure document disposal for 33+ years. Get a 240Lt bin at $130, max 4 weeks. Protect confidentiality with our trusted services.

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National Document Shredding complies with all Cyber Security standards, please feel free to contact us if  you require any kind of documentation.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Cathy Truman
Cathy Truman
I was extremely happy with the service provided by National Document Shredding Service Pty Ltd. It was easy to order the bin online, I was given an arrival date within four days and then had four weeks to return it. The delivery man was friendly and courteous and I received the same service when I rang to organise to have the bin picked up. I will certainly use their service again without hesitation.
Kim Heinrich
Kim Heinrich
Fantastic service,great customer service, easy delivery & collection at a great price. Would definitely continue to use this company for all my future document shredding.
Ray Smart
Ray Smart
All went smoothly
Mark Nicholas
Mark Nicholas
Brilliant service! I would use again...
JBS Services
JBS Services
Easy to deal with Great service Highly recommended
karen towers
karen towers
Friendly efficient service for both delivery and collection with a certificate to confirm destruction I would highly recommend this service
Marina Garza (Phierphly)
Marina Garza (Phierphly)
It was a great experience and service, I was able to order online and was contacted and advised when my bin will be delivered. Pick up was also great even when I needed an extra week. Received my certificate of destruction a couple of days later.

Secure Shredding Solutions

Protecting Your Confidential Information with Utmost Precision: Welcome to National Document Shredding Service, where we specialise in providing top-notch secure shredding solutions to safeguard your sensitive information. We understand the critical importance of maintaining confidentiality and ensuring data security in today’s digital age. 

Our Shredding bins are a cost-effective solution for any business. The Document Shredding process is designed to completely destroy your documents while keeping their confidentiality. We are a iSigma Member  and we provide secure document destruction services for all your business needs.

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For Individuals

Securely shred personal documents: Privacy and peace of mind guaranteed.

For Business

Confidential business shredding: Safeguard your sensitive information today

Scheduled Shredding

Regular shredding: Maintain data security with scheduled document destruction.

One-Off Shredding bins

Convenient disposal: Pre-paid bins for stress-free document shredding.

Shredding Bags

Efficient shredding: Simplify disposal with secure shredding bags, for Individuals and Businesses

Archive Box Destruction

Secure archive box destruction: Protect your confidential records effectively.

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Our certified drivers will swing by to collect your bin and whisk it away to our secure facilities, where it'll follow all our strict security protocols.

Shredding Power!

At our secure facility, your documents and items undergo a rigorous shredding process, ensuring complete destruction according to strict security protocols. The shredded materials are then responsibly recycled, minimising our environmental footprint.


All Shredded!

Once your documents are reduced to confetti, we'll provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records, keeping you covered and compliant.

You Can Count On Us For Secure, Fast and Convenient Services

Keep your business secure with professional document destruction services. We can help you protect confidential information- 240L secure bin starting at $100 per Bin – Min Two Bins- Incl GST

Secure Document Destruction Services

Searching for a trusted document destruction service? Your search ends here. National Document Shredding Service provides secure and efficient shredding solutions for the confidential disposal of your documents. Stay compliant with privacy regulations while safeguarding your sensitive information. Count on us for reliable document destruction. Contact us today for peace of mind and expert shredding services.

Our team of shredding experts is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients. We understand that your privacy is important, which is why we take every precaution to ensure that your documents are handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Shredding Saves Over


By Recycling Your Shredder Paper

At Nationalshred, we believe that sustainability and security can go hand in hand. That’s why we recycle all shredded materials, helping to reduce our environmental impact while keeping your confidential information out of the wrong hands.

The Industries We Serve

Rely on our expertise – with numerous years of experience, we have consistently delivered exceptional Document Shredding Services to various industries

Secure Document & Data Destruction

For over 33 years, Nationalshred has been at the forefront of the secure document and data destruction industry.

Our team of experts understand the importance of protecting your sensitive information, which is why we offer a range of services to ensure that your confidential documents and data are disposed of in a secure and sustainable manner.

We specialise in secure on-site shredding and data destruction, meaning that we come to you, wherever you are.

Our shredding process complies with all relevant regulations and standards, ensuring complete peace of mind when it comes to the security of your information.

Bin Bag Kangaroo

Know Some Of Our Valued Clients

For businesses, earning and maintaining customer trust is imperative. Clients entrust us with their personal and confidential information, and it is our responsibility to safeguard it. Document shredding services play a pivotal role in this endeavor, assuring clients that their information is handled with the utmost care and security.

By partnering with NationalShred, businesses demonstrate their commitment to protecting customer data, reinforcing trust and loyalty among their clientele.

We're Experts In Document Shredding Service

In a world where data breaches and identity theft are prevalent, the importance of proper document disposal cannot be overstated. From financial records to proprietary information, a wealth of sensitive data is housed in physical documents. When these materials reach their expiration or are no longer necessary, the risk of unauthorised access grows exponentially.

Shredding these documents is not merely about discarding papers; it’s about ensuring that sensitive information is irreversibly destroyed. NationalShred’s services guarantee the complete destruction of documents, leaving no room for exploitation or misuse.

Privacy matters because it is the cornerstone of individual freedom and autonomy. In a world where personal information is increasingly vulnerable to breaches and misuse, safeguarding privacy is paramount. It ensures that individuals have control over their own data, protecting them from identity theft, fraud, and unwanted intrusion into their lives. Moreover, privacy fosters trust in relationships, both personal and professional, and encourages open communication and collaboration. As a local shredding company, we understand the importance of privacy and are dedicated to preserving it through secure document destruction services.




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