When confidential documents go astray

You’d have to be living under a rock to have missed the media attention and outrage earlier this year when confidential parliamentary documents turned up in an unexpected place.

The top secret documents that should have remained confidential for 20 years became public because they were left in two locked filing cabinets that were sold at an ex-government furniture sale in Canberra.

If those papers had fallen into the wrong hands there could have been very serious consequences.   As it was there were some very red faces, and hasty reviewing of security procedures.  A salient warning for the pollies about keeping their “House” in order.


You may not be keeping documents of national importance in your filing cabinets, but it does show how easily mistakes can happen  – even in the highly secure environment of Parliament House.

It is all too easy for information to fall in the wrong hands, exposing your business, and your clients, to risks such as fraud, damage to reputation, and identity theft.

Whether you are in a large private enterprise or government, or run a  small business working from a home office, secure procedures for recording, storing and destroying confidential documents are essential.

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