Types of Paper Shredding Machines

As problems on identity theft heightens, more and more companies have resorted to document shredding to make sure that valuable pieces of information will not reach the hands of fraudsters. Secure document shredding is a must and one of the most common methods used for confidential document destruction is paper shredding.

Paper shredding is an effective way to turn important files into tiny particles known as Chad, Paper shredders are now used in different companies for confidential document destruction. There are different types of paper shredders to meet the requirements of various individuals and organisations.

Cross-cut shredder has two rotating drums that produce rectangular, diamond shape or parallelogram shaped shreds.

Particle-cut refers to paper shredding machines that cut documents into small squares or circles.

Hammermill shredders work by pounding paper through a screen.

Grinder uses cutting blades to grind the paper until it becomes minute to be able to pass through a screen.

Disintegrators are used to cut papers in a random manner until they are able to pass through a mesh.

Pierce and Tear paper shredders use rotating blades that prick papers before they are torn apart.

Strip-cut is one of the most commonly used paper shredding device but offers less security. It creates long and narrow strips out of documents which may still be reassembled and used by others.

Choosing the right paper shredding machine depends on your requirements or the sensitivity of the documents that need to be destroyed. It is essential to pick the one that can offer the results you want while making sure that vital issues on security are not overlooked.