Identity theft from dumpster divers rifling through your rubbish may seem far-fetched. Yet identity theft is on the rise in Australia, and it’s not all cybercrime. Scams from discarded paper documents provide thieves with valuable personal data resulting in identity related fraud. It is often a stained and crumpled piece of paper that exposes our most exploitable personal data.

Identity theft costs Australia over $1.6 billion each year1. Over 85% of Australian’s fear identity theft could happen to them2. However, 75% of Australians throw away personal documents unsecurely which could compromise their identity3. The fact is, many people don’t realise that their trash may be a cunning thieves treasure.


The top 8 document types to keep safe and dispose of securely are

  1. Financial statements – bank accounts, credit cards, investments and insurance.
  2. Expired IDs – old driving licences, passports or other photo identification.
  3. Expired credit, debit and store cards.
  4. Old pay slips – revealing employer information and income.
  5. Personalised junk mail – such as credit card offers.
  6. Old tax returns – even when no longer needed by the ATO.
  7. Medical records – including medical results and medicare payments.
  8. Airline boarding passes – barcodes can reveal hidden personal information.

Piling paperwork may fell cleansing to toss away. But, before you do, check carefully for any information that reveals anything about your personal affairs and setup a safe and secure system for its disposal. 

 National Document Shredding Service can help you eliminate these risks by ensuring all private data contained in paper documents is completely erased. With lockable security bins, archive boxes and secura bags, we can tailor a document destruction solution to meet your needs. Our staff and facilities are all security checked, and at the end of the process you receive a Certificate of Destruction guaranteeing all information has been totally destroyed.

Find out how easy and cost-effective secure document disposal can be by phoning us today on 1800 757 000.



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