Office paper – alive and well!

With vast amounts of information now stored on digital platforms and much of our communication conducted by email, it might seem like digital data has superseded the age-old technology of print. However very few organisations, whether business or government, have achieved the goal of the ‘paperless office’. Most individuals also still receive and retain large numbers of paper documents and other printed material.

A recent survey in the US, reported that 70% of consumers found it easier to manage their finances with printed documents, while 65% preferred to receive both digital and hard-copy versions of important documents like bank statements.

The hard-copy documents we tend to amass often contain just the kind of information we should be most vigilant about protecting: bank and credit card statements, driver’s licence renewals, insurance policies, council rates, details of shareholdings, expired passports — it all adds up to the perfect recipe for identity theft.

Even an old photograph we might carelessly toss in the bin could be a security risk. After all, your image is a major part of your identity.

Whether in our businesses or at home, securely storing paper documents, and securely destroying them when they are no longer needed, is vital if we are to protect ourselves from their loss and potential misuse.

National Document Shredding Service can help you eliminate these risks by ensuring all private data contained in paper documents is completely erased. With lockable security bins, archive boxes and secura bags, we can tailor a document destruction solution to meet your needs. Our staff and facilities are all security checked, and at the end of the process you receive a Certificate of Destruction guaranteeing all information has been totally destroyed.

Find out how easy and cost-effective secure document disposal can be by phoning us today on 1800 757 000.