How to Avoid the Danger of Recycling your Business Documents


In the age of electronic documentation, it is astounding to see the amount of paperwork that a business still needs in order to operate successfully. Bank statements, tenders, meeting minutes and the like are often printed along with other company-sensitive documentation.

While recycling in the office has become a natural part of the business day, there are certain documents that should never be part of the recycling process. Sending these to the recycling bin can leave your business open to fraud, breach of company policy or identity theft. With the estimated cost of fraud in Australia at $8.5 billion annually, protecting your business (and all that you have worked so hard for) is critical.

Putting these documents into the recycling bin can leave your business vulnerable:

  • Confidential client information
  • Inventory records
  • Banking records
  • Employee information
  • Passwords
  • Policies and meeting minutes
  • Invoices and quotes
  • Documents with signatures
  • Out of date documentation

That’s where the secure disposal of business documents is imperative to protecting your business; but it needs to be convenient, affordable and, above all, guaranteed secure in order for it to work.

Our service focus at NDSS is to limit the impact on your business while ensuring the best possible security measures for your sensitive documents. With onsite bins and bags your documents are locked and secure from the moment they are deposited in our receptacles, making destroying your sensitive data an easy-to-integrate part of the running of your business. Our Security Guarantee  ensures best practise for document shredding and disposal services at all times.